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Hockey, Baseball, Soccer, Football we can't always have the game in our home facility. We are therefore challenged to travel to other clubs to compete. BUT how do we get there? Well we could car pool it with all the Mom's and Dad's but how do we fit 4 players and all their equipment in the family vehicle? Do we all know where we are going? Are we all on time. Heaven forbid if anyone has a flat or a breakdown. So really do we want this kind of a situation? Or personal liability?  THE ANSWER IS A RESOUNDING NO !

One call, one place to meet, we all get there at the same time, we enjoy the camaradie of our teammates. We watch some videos of the greats and learn some new plays. And after the game we all come back together re-living the game, the plays and the fun of the game.

Sporting events are team events and we at Escape Coach Lines  would like to be a part of that team event. You will be surprised. When you consider all the options it is the best cost effective means of travel. 

Travelling to the Rose Bowl or maybe smaller Music and School Band Excursions. Our cargo areas are spacious for all your baggage and instruments.

Thinking of a concert in Calgary, Edmonton or places beyond? Why fuss with travelling seperately when you can all go together, be dropped off at the door and picked up at the end of the event for a leisurely ride back home.    Call us.